Evil jr. and the battle of Northia

Goulraak “Big Evil” the elder has been overthrown and captured by the people of Northia. His son, Ervaal or as everyone calls him, Evil jr, starts a violent journey to free his father.

He will have to make his way through villages, forests, wastelands and cities to finally reach the center of Northia, take down the castle Brüm and break into the fearsome prison of Dünschwalt.

On his quest he will have to find the parts to his fathers mighty war-machine, assemble it and use it to tear down walls and take out defenses. The villagers will try to hide their secrets and stop him. The forests, mountains and wastelands all have their own dangers and obstacles to overcome.

Each level will be like it’s own little mini game and together they will create the mighty land of Northia.


The Evil forces behind

Evil jr.

Evil on Facebook

Anders Mering:


Mathias Erixon

website: Oddity

Evil jr. and the Massacre of Peasantville.

A smaller version of the first level.

Download a playable version:
Evil jr. Download

The Catapult

A little test of how to use the war-machine
In the final game you will use it to tear down the walls before you enter on foot.

Download a playable version:
Catapult Downloaad